About us

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Modern business is changing

Expert advisor is today’s best way to drive growth, increase profitability, improve efficiencies and sustainability.

Now is the time to put EA applications at the heart of commercial decision making to amplify competitive advantage.

That’s why we’re here.

Our culture

We’ve come a long way since our founding in 2020, yet our search for original perspectives, innate curiosity and our ability to reimagine the world, remain at the heart of who we are today.

Our mission

By taking EA into the world of work, we will create a new community of winning businesses. Enabling them to adapt to grow and compete when they otherwise wouldn’t; to create jobs and prosperity; to become more sustainable; and to deliver a fairer future where the best technology is available for all, not just the preserve of a select few.

We’re building a business based on strong beliefs.

We’re proud of our values. These are lived at Peak, and it's how we judge ourselves and our work.

  • • Smart: We know our stuff, and we’re proud of the results we achieve for our customers
  • • Curious: We’re naturally inquisitive, problem solving is in our DNA
  • • Open: We’re approachable and friendly, we’re positive and want to help
  • • Driven: We aim high. We achieve what we say we will, and more…
  • • Responsible